Open Innovation Week May 2012

Moldova Open Innovation Week 2012 is a programme of high profile events intended to build on the Government’s recent approval of the National Action Plan on Open Government and the launch of last year. This commitment to the global Open Government Partnership has been led by the e-Government Center with the support of the World Bank and other development partners. The Action Plan is just the start of a process, and Moldova’s progress will be reviewed and compared to the more than 50 other countries already in the Partnership. Therefore the World Bank, the e-Government Center and other partners are supporting a programme of events to support key local stakeholders and contribute international expertise to help build the different aspects of an ecosystem around Open Government and Open Data innovations required to achieve the Government’s objectives of greater competitiveness, transparency and citizen engagement.

The programme will comprise a series of complementary events will take place during Moldova Open Innovation Week on May 14-20, 2012 as described below.


Name of the event and details


May 14-16, 2012

“Data-Driven Journalism Bootcamp for Moldovan Media“Data-driven journalism” is about using the amount of Open Data now becoming available to make stories which help consumers, voters, managers, and politicians understand patterns and make decisions based on the findings. “Data-Driven Journalism Bootcamp for Moldovan Media”- is a two days hands-on training program on ‘Data-Driven Journalism’ for journalists, civil society, hackers/coders, and government representatives.  The Bootcamp includes experiential learning on scraping data, cleaning it, creating visualizations, and finding the story in the numbers.  Data Journalism experts from The World Bank, Google, the Open Knowledge Foundation, and The Guardian DataBlog will work closely with participants throughout the Bootcamp, and launch an interactive web platform to enable participants and trainers to stay connected afterward.   The Data-Driven Journalism Bootcamp will be convened in the computer lab of the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova.  More information on the Bootcamp will be available at


Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, Chisinau

May 16-18, 2012

BOOST Training– In response to the request for support from the Government of the Republic of Moldova to build capacity on budget analysis in the context of public financial management (PFM), the World Bank Institute is organizing a multi-stakeholder workshop on PFM and data analysis. This activity would build on the experience of Moldova as the first country in the world that used BOOST to release detailed and disaggregated data on public expenditures (2005-2010) through its open government portal  in support of the country’s open budget agenda.The objective of the workshop would be to build the capacity of stakeholders to better understand and engage on budget processes and embrace Moldova’s open budget agenda. The workshop will include training on BOOST and basic forms of public expenditure analysis as well as key PFM principles, and best practices and lessons learned with uses of the data and citizen feedback loops.

Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, Chisinau

May 16, 2012

World Bank is partnering with the Moldova ICT Summit 2012, by organizing jointly with the e-Government Center on Wednesday, May 16 the sub track on Smart Government: Open Government, Open Innovation.The 2012 Moldova ICT Summit builds upon the 2010 and 2011 Summit and it will gather together industry stakeholders from Government, the Moldovan and international business community, multinational companies, and academia to discuss international and national trends and challenges facing the ICT industry. The event is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications.The subtrack organized by the World Bank and the e-government center will focus on this year’s hot topics in “Government 2.0” – how can Government become “smarter”, driven by data and by citizen feedback and engagement; how the Open Government and Open Data commitments already made can be used to grow citizen engagement, improve public services and grow new businesses; how a policy of “Open Innovation”, encouraging citizen engagement in the design and delivery of services, can save money and improve outcomes; and how governments can use Cloud Computing technology to join up services, deliver e-government faster and save costs.  This subtrack will both showcase achievements and strategic plans in Moldova and discuss the latest world-wide developments in this fast-moving field


Leogrand & Convention Center, Chisinau

May 18-20, 2012

Open Innovation Weekend is a three-day event aimed at stimulating development of an Open Innovation ecosystem in Moldova leveraging the potential of the open data and other types of data, in order to be able to produce valuable apps. The event will bring together representatives of the IT developer community, civil society organizations, Governmental institutions and the private sector. During the 3 days, participants will receive technical training (Open Innovations TechCamp) and then teams will participate in a software development event (“Apps for Moldova” Hackathon and Challenge) to develop innovative applications.  At its conclusion, an independent international Jury will award prizes for winning apps. More details available via  The event is co-organized by “CMB” Training Center and Association of IT Developers, with support from the e-Government Center, World Bank, Moldcell and other sponsors. The organizing team is currently looking for additional partners and sponsors for the event, to stimulate a more active participation of local and international partners in this initiative.


Hotel Codru, White Hall and Pink Hall, Chisinau